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Rare 1988 Minnesota Twins Kirby Puckett Statue


Frequently Asked Questions at domeplus.com

Do you have anything for "Big Men?"

The "big men" shirts are of extreme concern to us. Unfortunately, they are not readily available. There used to be two companies that specialized in the larger sizes, but unfortunately, both of them went out of business. All of the major companies we've asked are very reluctant to make shirts in 3, 4 & 5 X-Large for us. We have even asked them just to name any quantity that would make it worth there while, but they usually decline. Occasionally we get lucky and get a few items in stock. We list all of those items on the Big Men Page (Vikings) or Big Men Page (Twins)

Do you have a store near Target Field ?

Target Field is just a few blocks from the Metrodome.  There aren't many good locations over there since it is filled with the garbage incinerator, homeless shelters and on ramps/off ramps so we are better off staying in the location we have been in for nearly 25 years.    The Vikings will be here for awhile and the Twins have designed their stadium so that everyone enters directly into the Stadium.  This will enable them to capture the vast majority of sales of novelties (Allowing them to price themselves even higher than now).  We will hope that our friends will continue to stop by on their way to the new stadium.  We adjust our hours on game days (usually staying open until the Twins games start).  In addition we are looking forward to getting a bit more time with our families which is hard to do during the season.  Thank you for your continued support.

Why don't you list "Customized Vikings Jerseys?"

We would love to be able to place your name or another player's name and number on a jersey for you, but the NFL won't allow it.  The NFL refuses to allow the companies that make the Vikings uniforms to sell us blank jerseys.  Thus, we are unable to make any jersey that you would like.  It is unfortunate, since so many players change teams after only a few years.  The only alternative is to take all of the lettering off an Authentic jersey and re-letter it with another name.  But, this is very time intensive and too costly to consider.  We will, however, keep trying to order blank jerseys and will post it if they become available.

Where are you located ?

We are located right across the street from the H.H.H. Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We are on the North Side of the Dome towards the river and across from Gate A.  Please stop by and see us on your next trip to the Twin Cities.

How Long Have you Been Around ?

We've been selling sports stuff by the Metrodome since 1986.  We moved to our present location in 1993 when our building was destroyed to make a parking lot and later, the Metrodome Plaza.  Our Website was started in 1998.

How do I Return Something?

Returns occasionally need to be made.  You can return anything as long as it is in it's original (unused, worn, etc) condition within 30 days of the purchase.  Please include you name and phone number along with an explanation on how you would like to handle the return. We will credit your account (Please Include a Copy of Your Invoice or Credit Card Receipt) for the exact purchase price (not including shipping) or exchange it for the same item or another item of approximate value.  If you are exchanging for a different size, please include a check for $3.95 for us to return your item to you.

Please Note that during the sports seasons our inventory changes very frequently and we may be out of the particular item you are trying to exchange. If you would like us to hold something, please call toll-free. 1-888-375-9707 (Local: 612-375-9707).  Just contact us if you want us to hold an item.
Dome Plus, Returns Dept., 910 South Third Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415.

When will I receive my shipment ?

It depends on when you placed it.  All of our in stock items are shipped within 24 hours.  If you call or order online by 1:30 CST we will ship out the same day.

If you chose standard shipping expect 1 - 5 business days for delivery.  We ship most of our packages via U.S. Mail which is usually quicker.  Heavier packages are usually shipped via FedEx Ground.  Please Note:  FedEx trucks do not move on Saturday, Sundays or Holidays.  CLICK HERE FOR FEDERAL EXPRESS GROUND SHIPPING MAP  3 Day Express takes 3-4 business days, 2nd Day Air takes 2-3 business days, and Next Day air USUALLY arrives the next day.

Please keep in mind that if you order on Friday after 1:30 CST, your package will not leave here until Monday.  Additional questions such as costs can be seen in the Address/Shipping Section.

What is an "Automated" Contest Entry?

An automated contest entry is one that enables a user to enter a contest once and continuously enter the same contest with out ever going back to the page.  Usually this is done by certain Sweepstakes or Contest web pages on the Internet.  They enable a user to input information once and to never return to the site.  Some "professional" contest people use this to an unfair advantage.  Thus, we do not permit this in our contests.

The obvious goal of the contest is to attract future and current customers and to give them a reward for visiting our site.  Good luck and have fun with the contest.  CLICK HERE to go to the contest page.

How Much does it cost for Shipping?

We ship your entire order for just $3.95.  This means that whether you order 1 item or a thousand items, your price remains the same.  You do not pay higher shipping fees just because you order a bunch of stuff.   There are other options for shipping such as FedEx Express, but oversized items cannot be shipped via the Express Flat Rates.  If you want someone express shipped that it says is Oversized, please call so we can determine the shipping price.

What Does the TC Logo on Twins Hats Symbolize?

The "TC" Logo on the Minnesota Twins Caps stands for "TWIN CITIES."  When the team came to Minnesota in 1961 they wanted to include both of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  This has been the Twins most popular logo going back well before Pohlad to the Griffith Family.  It can be seen on Hats, Jerseys, T-Shirts and other Minnesota Twins Souvenirs and Memorabilia.

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